Materials + Finishes + Colors

Learn a little more about what we offer and why.


Rusted Steel

Steel is hard and very strong. Most metal fire elements on the market are steel. Steel also rusts. For that reason, the only finish we offer for our steel products is a natural rust patina. We have found that even painted and powder coated steel can rust eventually, causing the coating to fail. Rusted steel is a beautiful option that brings natural depth to the landscape in a way that nothing else can. The rust patina develops over time and will gradually change in hue. Early in the process, the rust color can stain adjacent hardscape surfaces so care must be taken when locating a steel fire element or water feature. As it ages, the patina becomes more and more stable.


Weathered aluminum

Aluminum is strong and lightweight. It does not rust even if left untreated. For this beautiful finish, we prepare the raw aluminum and then treat it to produce a weathered patina that resembles the antique zinc and lead planters of the old-world. As with other natural patinas, the finish can vary with age and location. In contrast with rusted steel, there is no need to worry about staining adjacent surfaces.


Powder coated aluminum

If you’re looking for a solid color, powder coated aluminum can’t be beat. Powder coating is among the most durable metal coatings available and allows for nearly infinite color and texture options. It is applied as a powder then baked onto the metal, forming a durable, fade-resistant coating. This process also boasts the advantage of being VOC free. We have carefully selected a variety of winning standard colors and, for a small additional fee, we can use any custom color you wish.


Standard Powder Coat Colors

Please note: due to variables inherent with individual monitors, browsers, settings, etc. these color images should be used as a general guide only. Actual coatings will likely vary. Please let us know if you would like to see physical color samples.